Thursday, August 7, 2008

Friends of Yesteryears

LEFT: Haliza, Ungku Amir@ikang, Abdullah, Aidi@blogger, Rosman & Kamsani.

Well, finally we meet again at Pine 38 in Shah Alam, just behind Concorde Hotel. We spoke about Permatang Pauh election, best car to buy, who's who where are they now, 6th December event, best papadom in town and where to buy durian in Klang Valley.

On the political subject, every one of us agreed to buy the latest HARAKAH and SIASAH and log in to ROCKYBRU's blogspot. We shall also meet again when the time is right.

Great to meet you guys. Cheers.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Enjoying life with a great smoking buddy. Yong & Chin having great tobacco moment.

Mat Salo, Rahim Abdullah, Yong & Raja Rahman. I upload their pix without approval from their blog. Thanks for the consent via telepathic code of approval.





Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mini Reunion at Calypso Malawati

YES WE MADE IT! Finally after 29 years we all finally met at Calypso Malawati.
From left: Hamid @Pengau, Rosli, Chee Meng, Hasbol, Puard @ Putak, Nasarudin @Din Teleng & Ungku Amir @Ikang. Not in picture is me - blogger.

STILL THE SAME & VERY NOISY BUNCH. Except some spare tyres somewhere. From left: Putaq, Din & Ikang.

NOT FROM THE PROTES GROUP. "Coincidentally we were wearing red" say Hamid far left.
" Gentleman, please be inform that the Reunion date is on 6th December 2008 in JB. We must tell to all our other friends. Lets make it happen. Thank you" says Mr. Nasarudin Borhan.

It is as noisy as ever. Nothing much is change except some grey hair, shinning forehead and fat tummy. Nevertheless, the brotherhood of collegeans still strong. Catching up the lost 29 years is a huge gigantic task. Everybody want to talk and talk they did.

It was fun. Imagine when the whole team gather under one roof. It would be explosive and a day to remember. Email your name, mobile number and some pictures of yesteryears and we shall take it from there.


Thank you for those who has paid for the REUNION Dinner in advance.
You guys took off the load of the Commander in Chief - Din Teleng.

Payment in Ringgit Malaysia - Cold Cash fresh from the ATM Machine.

1. Amir Ikang - 150
2. Hasbullah Gompoq- 100
3. Hamid Pengau - 100
4. Fuad Krotaq - 100
5. Chee Meng - 100
6. Rosli Skipox - 100
Total: RM650

Thanks guys.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Rahmat Osman`s Private Collections

Form 3 - Year 1977. Try guessing who`s who and where.

4AC (1978)

Back Row Left 2 Right: Chong Peng, Khalid, Ahmadon, Saiful, Rosli@Lapok, Ismail
Center Left 2 Right: Shukor, Subramaniam, Rengasamy@Ringgostar, Zainal, Juraimi, Robert Yong, Md Ali, Naim Mos, Ganes, Zulkainain, Yusof@HaiHong, Soaidy, Jeffry
Front Left 2 Right: George Koh, Rahmat K, Kee Lam Hock, Harun@Lembut, Mak Nab, Alias, Hussien, Arwah Zaki Terejal, Lee Kia Chin

The backbone of excellent of EC in sport….. The Cheering Club… NorthSouthEastWest, English College Is The Best (Actually, SIGS lagi best wo!)

Back L2R: Chief Teling, Zaid Senoi, Rahmat K, Rosli Lapok, Fuad Mafia, SABO?
Center : (X, X, Alwi, Onn, Wan Gaya, Yusof HaiHong, Puard Putak
Front: X, President Hamid Pengau, Arjan Singh, Cikgu Rosli, Isa, Ghani Kambing

EC n the gang : Arwah Joe (St Joseph), Wan Gaya, Rahmat K, Ghani K, Hamid Pengau, Rafar Katak (SAB), Arwah Zaki, Hasbullah Gempa (St Joseph) and no idea sapa ni?

The rugby supporters who know nothing about the game…….
Ghani Kambing, Putak wartak, Jeff Kuda, U.Jamalil, Rahmat K, Zain Zorro and arwah Zaki.
The party’s animals (EC n Gangs)
L2R : Arwah Joe Black, Wan Gaya, Rahmat K, Yunus, Talib Disko, Man Puppet, Putak, Din Raggae.

Wa kalau kamcing dgn ini orang tua mungkin jadi famous rockerlah (Rahmat K and Man Tua@Rosman)
Email your private collection pictures to on jpeg format and short captions. Thanks you.
PS: Great job Rahmat - Thanks for the fotos. All pictures are copyright property of EC79JB. No reproduction are allowed with written permission from owner of blog.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


1. ) This picture is taken after a concert performance on stage.
I can recognized Baizurin , Ikang, Fuad, Ungku Jamalil, Zaid ...sorry lost of RAM.
2. ) From left : Onn, Nordin , X, Unku Jamalil, Zaid, Zain, Aidi.
Seated : Puad, X, Ghani, Ungku Amir. Picture was taken at Pertama Foto along the busy road of Wong Ah Fook.

3. ) From left ; Fuad, Amir, Zaid & Aidi.
4. Good luck guys in identifying your ex-classmate. I can recognized Hashim aka Hashimah & Sulaiman. Next to the teacher. Picture was taken in 1979.

5. ) Form Four - in 1978

6. ) Last day of headmaster Mr. Yong Siew Mun and replaced by Encik Abdul Rahman Basir - 1978.

7) Kedet Corps. Good luck in identifying them all.

8. This is picture is taken in 1976 in form three.

9) In 1975 - form one. Remember skinny Ranjit Singh? or Arwah Azman Atan - standing last row number seven from left.

Perhaps some of this pictures shall bring sweet memories when there were no worries and responsible to shoulder on. Please email your collections to and write a short captions including your mobile number and full name. Please help correct and identify the names and pictures in this blog. Thanks.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Venue Straits View Hotel
Date Dec 6 -2008
Events Gathering & Doa Selamat at EC in the morning
HALAL BBQ Dinner & Family Picnic
Payment: RM100 to Agong a/c to help pay.

Email :